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Hi! I’m Javier, a freelance web designer and digital communicator with experience in different areas of the digital world. Throughout my professional career, I have developed skills that enable me to be a multidisciplinary professional and adapt to different projects.

In the streaming and VOD field, I have used tools such as OBS, basic Premier and Sony Vegas to create high-quality audiovisual content. As a designer, I also possess advanced skills in digital image processing with Adobe Photoshop, allowing me to create attractive and efficient graphic pieces.

As an independent promoter, I have developed negotiation and teamwork skills, which are essential for the success of any project. Additionally, I have knowledge in hardware assembly and software installation, enabling me to efficiently solve technical problems.

Regarding web design and programming, I have experience in platforms such as WordPress and Prestashop, and I can create attractive and functional designs. I also have skills in layout design with inDesign, allowing me to effectively create complex graphic pieces.

As a digital professional, I also have experience in content management and storage in the cloud, as well as in digital media writing and content production.

Finally, my experience in digital business strategy and management, marketing, and digital communication gives me a broad and strategic vision of the digital world, allowing me to carry out successful projects and adapt to my clients’ needs.


Strategy & Creative

Digital strategy, creative concepts, promotional sites


Digital Production

UX / UI Design, Front-end, Back-end, Prototyping


Analitics & Advertising

UX audit, seo, conversion, traffic management


Branding & Identity

Analysis and research, logos and corporate identity

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Logo Twom


Logo Twom security division (TSD)


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